Professional Educator - Museum Professional - Digital Storyteller.


Multi-media educator. Advocate for the use of gaming to develop social skills. Driven to create meaningful and engaging educational experiences.


Daniel Kwan

I am multi-media educational professional and anthropologist driven to create meaningful and engaging educational experiences for individuals at all stages of the learning process.  

I possess extensive experience in the development and execution of alternative educational programming using tabletop gaming. Since 2011, I've been running the Royal Ontario Museum's highly successful Dungeons & Dragons program and consulted in the development of a program using the Dungeon World system at the Aga Khan Museum between 2015 and 2016. I am also one of the co-founders of Level Up Gaming, a Toronto-based organization that provides individuals on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities the opportunity to develop and explore their real-world social skills through goal-directed group gaming experiences. 

I am well-versed in the development and execution of alternative educational programming, research grant writing, and project management. I am also experienced in the creative development, production, and post-production of podcasts and other web-syndicated episodic content. Outside of the classroom, I host Curiosity in Focus (, a bi-weekly podcast that explores the nature of curiosity through casual conversations with young professionals and influencers from around the world. Since November 2016, I have interviewed over 30 guests of diverse backgrounds spanning from restaurateurs to medical professionals. The series has garnered over 25,000 total downloads since its start in 2016.



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