About me

DANIEL H. KWAN MSc. is a Toronto-based educator, museum professional, podcast host, and photographer. As a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, his work has taken him to Turkey, London, Paris, Jordan, and China. He is a member of an international research team investigating the Shangshan and the origins of rice agriculture in the lower Yangtze Valley, China.

Daniel currently hosts Curiosity in Focus (www.curiosityinfocus.com), a bi-weekly podcast that explores the nature of curiosity through casual conversations with young professionals and influencers from around the world. Since November 2016, Daniel has interviewed over 30 guests of diverse backgrounds spanning from restaurateurs to medical professionals. He is responsible for developing and maintaining podcast hosting, syndication (iTunes and Stitcher Radio), website, and social media; garnering over 15,000 total downloads since the start of the series in 2016.

He is also the co-founder and lead group facilitator of RollPlay TO, an organization that provides group experiences for individuals on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities. RollPlayTO aims to help participants develop and explore their collaboration, resiliency, critical thinking, and self-reflection skills through tabletop gaming.

His writing and photography has been featured in The National Post, Guardian, Guardian Witness, Royal Ontario Museum blog, the Canadian Wildlife Federation, FutuReale Magazine, Roar Magazine, Savage Minds, and the Royal Ontario Museum ROMKids blog. 

*Learn more about Daniel's professional and academic accomplishments here.