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So we wrote an educational tabletop RPG

I wrote and created an education WWI tabletop roleplaying game with my good friends and business partners Patrick Keenan and Daniel Groh. The preview edition of our upcoming game - Ross Rifles - was just released for online distribution, and I figured it was time to reflect on the process leading up to this moment. 

Using D&D to teach collaborative thinking and social development to elementary school students

I recently expanded my educational D&D programming to a progressive private school called the Study Academy. Once a week, I run an after school 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons program for a large group of fifth to sixth-grade kids. It's been an enlightening and inspiring experience! Here are some reflections on my first two sessions. 

One year of Curiosity in Focus

It’s November 4, 2017. It’s now been exactly ONE YEAR since I uploaded the first episode of the Curiosity in Focus podcast. Since then, it's been an incredible educational journey. I've greatly expanded my production skills, made many new friends, and made a lot of friends along the way. In this blog post, I reflect on my podcasting journey - from recording in dirty staircases to having celebrity guests!

How “playing pretend” with tabletop RPGs can make you a more self-aware person.

I’ve been working to varying degrees with education and tabletop gaming for over 13 years now, and have come to the conclusion that the practice of gaming is an incredible tool to facilitate self-reflective behaviour, develop the ability to understand and articulate their emotions, and take an inventory of their strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, the tabletop RPGs Coriolis and The Veil have proven to be incredible tools in and beyond my atypical classrooms. 

Why you should be using tabletop RPGs in your classroom (and beyond).

I had the opportunity to speak about my work helping teens gain creative ownership over their education, develop social skills, and experiment with identity at the Damage Camp 2017 gaming conference alongside my good friend and frequent collaborator in gaming, Rachel Kahn. I have not included her material in this post, but have instead greatly expanded upon what I discussed at the conference for those who are interested in my work!


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