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Curious about using tabletop gaming as an educational tool in YOUR classroom or home?


"J is so engaged in the game and he is always talking about the characters and campaigns with great enthusiasm. I really appreciate how you have helped him so much. He continues to thrive at school as a result of the positive influence that you and your team have on him."

Thank you for keeping kids motivated to learn, imagine, and have fun! Skills for life!

Let's collaborate!

The notion of “play” in the classroom is incredibly important to the development of academic and social skills. 

With over a decade of in-classroom experience integrating tabletop role playing games into alternative educational programming, I have developed a progressive educational style that equips participants with the academic knowledge, self-confidence, and social skills needed to thrive in and out of the classroom. Working with me can help you, your students, or loved ones develop:

  • Collaborative skills and improved self-regulation

  • Problem solving 

  • Goal setting & leadership

  • Mathematics, history, & science

Experience and play are at the heart of using tabletop games in educational contexts. The seemingly insignificant practice of gathering around a gaming table can have huge impacts on learning outcomes – where participants are provided with a safe and reflexive space to explore their identities, their strengths and weaknesses, and to take risks. 

If you'd like to try integrating tabletop role playing games into your classroom or host a workshop/gaming session in your school or home, get in contact with me! Sessions are generally scheduled for 3 hours (at $40/participant), but timing is flexible based on the need of my clients. No materials required!