Professional Educator - Museum Professional - Digital Storyteller.

Developmental Editing


I love helping game designers of all experience levels take their products to the next level. My sensitivity reading and developmental editing services emphasize the identification of problematic characterizations in text and art direction, structural errors in game design, and providing general edits of your developing manuscript. Bearing in mind your target audience, I will provide open, honest, and supportive critical feedback of you work in relation to professional industry standards and expectations.

Developmental Editing/Sensitivity Reading

  • (2019) Aphrodite on Deck by Brie Sheldon (Developmental Editor)

  • (2019) Lawless Heaven by Fraser Ronald (Developmental Editor)

  • (2019) Dino Wrangers by Rachelle Dube (Developmental Editor)

  • (2019) Honour by Dom Parry (Developmental Editor)

  • (2019) Koryo Hall of Adventures by AurĂ©lien LainĂ© (Developmental Editor)