"We will be relentless in our pursuit for perfection. We won't ever be perfect - but in the process we will achieve greatness." - Vince Lombardi

I'm trying to write and complete a list of 100 things that I want to do before I die. There isn't anything morbid about this - I simply want to get the most out of life and appreciate every day that I have. 

1.  Get a tattoo ✓   

2.  Go to San Diego Comic-Con

3.  Go to China ✓ 

4.  Go to Alaska

5.  Go to India for Holi

6.  Perform a song in public 

7.  Fall in love ✓

8.  Publish a book 

9.  Go hunting


11. Go skinny dipping

12. Go surfing

13. Learn how to longboard 

14. Go sand boarding 

15. Play ukulele on a beach in Hawaii

16. Ride a mechanical bull

17. Donate a large amount of money to a charity - anonymously

18. See a lunar eclipse

19. Walk into a building and be completely awestruck ✓ 

20. Learn Kung Fu

21. Learn Krav Maga 

22. Get married

23. Complete a "Happiness Project" 

24. Watch lava flow out of a volcano 

25. Spend a night in Wadi Rum 

26. See a camel spider in the wild 

27. Learn to juggle

28. Read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms

29. Go skydiving

30. Inspire someone with my writing 

31. Road trip across the United States ✓

32.  Jump off a cliff into the ocean

33. Climb one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism

34. Put a piece of gum on the Market Theatre Gum Wall in Seattle 

35. Do a handstand at a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

36. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant

37. Scuba dive with whale sharks

38. Make a significant contribution to archaeological discourse

39. Scream at the top of my lungs from the top of a sand dune 

40. Eat pufferfish

41. Learn how to speak Chinese  

42. Watch a fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

43. Adopt a cat (I adopted a cat that I named Marla from Toronto Cat Rescue on June 7, 2014) ✓

44. Experience zero gravity

45. Tour the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit filming locations in New Zealand

46. See the Nazca lines from a plane

47. Become a certified SCUBA diver

48. Visit Angkor Wat

49. Go to Walt Disney World and visit the World Showcase in Epcot

50. Make a giant Rube Goldberg machine

51. Ride an ostrich

52. Climb a mountain

53. Learn ASL

54. Volunteer for a charity in a different country

55. Spend the night somewhere haunted

56. Throw a stick into a tree like my dad

57. Road trip across the United States of America ✓

58. Take an outdoor skills course ✓ 

59. Be a best man at a wedding

60. Visit and eat at the Audubon Insectarium ✓

61. Feel true and unrestrained happiness ✓

62. Make fire (using a bow drill)

64. Make it rain!

65. Go to survival school ✓

66. Own a Venus flytrap ✓

67. Compete in an eating challenge

68. Eat at a Las Vegas buffet

69. Get a PhD


71. Be in a fight ✓

72. Try Karaoke ✓

73. Own property ✓

74. Man cave! ✓

75. Participate in a “Polar Bear Dip” ✓

76. See a UFC fight live ✓

77. See the Northern Lights

78. See Halley's Comet in 2061

79. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia 

80. Eat a KFC "Double-Down" ✓

81. Climb Enchanted Rock in Texas ✓

82. Fire an AK-47 ✓