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Curiosity in Focus is a bi-weekly podcast that dives into the personal stories of influencers and intellectuals. I'm a curious person, and I love to learn about everything the world has to offer. As a creative and educator, I find learning personally empowering. I created Curiosity in Focus to share this passion in others and to use their stories as a lens into culture and science.

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Hosted & Edited by Daniel Kwan.
Produced by Jamie Kwan.

CiF #016 - Hero Forge

Joshua Bennett, the co-founder of Hero Forge, Skyped in to talk about 3D printing and the tabletop gaming industry. Originally funded by Kickstarter, Hero Forge® is a platform which allows gamers to create detailed characters in full 3D right in their web browser! Using the power of 3D printing, they make that character a reality!

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