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Curiosity in Focus is a bi-weekly podcast that dives into the personal stories of influencers and intellectuals. I'm a curious person, and I love to learn about everything the world has to offer. As a creative and educator, I find learning personally empowering. I created Curiosity in Focus to share this passion in others and to use their stories as a lens into culture and science.

A Podcast By Curiosity In Focus.

Hosted & Edited by Daniel Kwan.
Produced by Jamie Kwan.

CiF #026 - Medicine, Poetry, & MMA

Daniel sat down with Conor McDonnell - a pediatric anesthesiologist, poet, and martial arts practitioner. Conor has published writing and poetry in the Montreal Review, the Steel Chisel,, Paul Vermeersch’s Sunrise with Sunmonsters project, the Fiddlehead, Carousel magazine, and the Scrivener Creative Review. In 2016, he published The Book of Retaliations with Anstruther Press. In 2017, he plans to publish his second book, Safe Spaces

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"I'M FEELING CURIOUS" LINK OF THE DAY: "Brilliant" Oxford medical student stabs boyfriend, may be spared jail time.