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Curiosity in Focus is a bi-weekly podcast that dives into the personal stories of influencers and intellectuals. I'm a curious person, and I love to learn about everything the world has to offer. As a creative and educator, I find learning personally empowering. I created Curiosity in Focus to share this passion in others and to use their stories as a lens into culture and science.

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Hosted & Edited by Daniel Kwan.
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CiF #019 - Luxury Footwear & the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Daniel sat down with the Milton Fonseca and Brigitte Foisy, the brilliant minds behind The Milton Shoe Company, to discuss the world of luxury footwear, entrepreneurial motivation, and fashion! 

Engineer by trade, Milton is a Krav Maga instructor and Canadian armed forces soldier that merged his life philosophy and passions to co-create The Milton Shoe Company. Designed in Canada and made at his family’s factory in Portugal, the luxury footwear brand is geared towards the go-getter, entrepreneurial type. The Milton Shoe Company’s slogan "Focus On Greatness" makes the company’s mission to be more than just a shoe company. The motto is meant to become a constant reminder to be the best version of yourself.

Renowned shoeoholic, fashionista and certified black belt shopper, Brigitte was a fashion editor at some of Canada’s top men’s and business magazines. Serial entrepreneur, Brigitte also owns three other businesses including an established PR firm as well as a Marketing agency. Her stellar track record and 25+ years of experience in lifestyle marketing has brought her to work with some of the world’s biggest brands to help them successfully launch and thrive in the Canadian marketplace.

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